Things We Don't Know We Need

Learning something new can be intimidating.  Like starting a new business, building a website, or living with a cat after a lifetime of dogs.  Cats aren't dogs.  It seems like learning a new language.  Although the body language is pretty clear...

My cat Daisy showed up on my cousin's back porch in pretty sad shape.  She was about 6 weeks old and weighed 6 ounces.  Two infected eyes, anemic and covered in fleas.  One year later we have sort of figured each other out.  But I have discovered that she is the cat that I didn't know I needed.

As we construct this website to introduce you to fitted sheets for your kitty's bed, we are hoping to offer you something you didn't know you needed.  Our cats (and my Dachshund Shelby) love the sheets on their beds.  And we believe your cat will too.  Try it out.  See if this is something you didn't know you needed.

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